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Home Theater

Experience total escape in your new Home Theater System with picture and sound quality exceeding a commercial cinema. Escape the cares of the day with a Home Audio Specialist designed screening room, custom designed for your performance and aesthetic goals. Just one touch on your touch panel remote control, iPad, or smartphone and the action starts…lights fade slowly, the curtains open, the movie is time for an amazing experience!

After installation, your home theater components will be professionally calibrated to ensure the best picture and sound quality. A high-performance Home Theater is the result of much more than just purchasing high-end components; it is the result of a team with years of experience choosing the best components for your budget, installing them correctly, and tuning them to your room's unique acoustics.

TV Mount

There was a time when televisions either sat on the floor or on a cabinet. Large, heavy and awkward, putting televisions on the walls required heavy brackets that could be an eyesore. With technological improvements, they have become lighter in weight and easier to move. Even a large flat screen is lightweight enough that it can easily be hung on the wall. The problem with mounting your own TV and running your surround sound yourself is the visible wires. Unsightly and awkward, they can also become a hazard. However, you don’t have to deal with unsightly wires. With our professional installation services, it will look like the TV is floating on the wall and hardwired into the home.

Whether you want a TV mounted over the fireplace, put in the corner of your living room or a TV secured along the ceiling. Home Audio Specialist can install your TV wherever you want it, we have the skills to provide you with the installation you need. Hidden outlets allow us to keep cables hidden and neatly out of sight. The installation is clean and the look is professional It doesn’t matter if you want a reticulating arm mount for the corner of your living room or will have the television mounted in front of the bricks above your fireplace. We work with sheetrock, plaster, wood and even brick and cement backgrounds, and you can trust that your TV will look great and be secure. Call us today at 610-241-5410 to learn more about our unique TV Installation services.

Media Rooms

Have your Family Room, Great Room, or Den convert into a virtual movie theater at the touch of a single button. Home Audio Specialist design team has years of experience hiding audio video technology in multi-purpose Media Rooms so that the entertainment components do not dominate the room's décor or use. Mask your flat screen with motorized artwork that reveals a hidden TV.

Have a motorized projection screen descend from cabinetry or a hidden trap-door in the ceiling to reveal cinema-sized Home Theater. Modern speaker technology and Home Audio Specialist know-how allow life-like surround sound from discreet speaker locations. Your furniture can convert from sofas to discreet Home Theater seating. Call us for more ingenious ideas on making an ordinary room an amazing Media Room. Please be sure to visit Home Audio Specialist Portfolio for photographs of Media Room installations throughout PA & DE, and other locations.

If you have a room that you can dedicate for the sole purpose of watching TV & movies and listening to music, consider a custom Home Theater screening room instead. If you are able to dedicate such a room, speaker location, seating, and acoustics can be optimized for an unparalleled home cinema experience.

Whole House Audio

Your favorite music can lift your spirits and change your mood in positive ways. Imagine easy control of your favorite music from any room in your home. Intuitive in-wall or portable touchscreen remote controls allow easy to access to iPods, music on your computer, music servers, XM, Sirius, streaming Internet radio, and broadcast radio.

 Gone are the days when your only music control was a volume knob on a wall; now you can navigate your music with intuitive two-way control to easily choose your favorite station, artist, song, or playlist. You will be able to navigate your iPod, complete with album art, even if your iPod is in the Kitchen and you are in the backyard! Easy access to your music has never been easier or more fun.

Home Audio Specialist represents such industry-leading brands as Crestron and AMX for their flexible and intuitive controls which are available as in-wall touchscreens and handheld remotes in various sizes and budgets. Experience this convenience for yourself to see how convenient, easy, and fun it is to have your favorite music available throughout your home.

Modern flush-mount in-ceiling and in-wall speakers blend into your home's decor beautifully. The new Sonance Architectural Series speakers eliminate the unsightly flange that is common with just about every other brand on the market. Please call today to schedule a free consultation.

Distributed Audio

Let's face it…the only audio/video component you want to see is your TV or projection screen. Having a Blu-Ray or DVD player, cable or satellite box, and a stack of other supporting components in each room is not only unsightly, it results in redundant components, extra energy usage, and poses the challenge of where to hide all of the components. Another inconvenience is running around the house to find which room your Blu-Ray or DVD movie was left in.

The professional design team at Home Audio Specialist routinely hide these components in a mechanical room or closet space and are able to centrally distribute the audio and video to the various rooms in your home. Even a 10-bedroom estate requires as little as two cable boxes or satellite receivers, and all of your movies can be centrally stored with the new Crestron ADMS movie & music server system. With a media server, each room in your home can have its own unique movie feed playing simultaneously! Your architect and interior designer love this flexibility, as now they don't have to find niches or build cabinets to hide the electronics you will be amazed how fun and convenient it is to have entertainment so easily accessible.

Lighting Control Systems

No doubt you have experienced how good lighting design affects a room's ambiance and mood. Trying to obtain this look with multiple light switches "ganged" together is not only difficult to achieve; it is an eyesore. Eliminate "wall acne" with the simple elegance of a lighting control keypad that is able to control either a circuit of lights, an entire room, the entire house, or any combination thereof.

For example, one four-button lighting keypad in your Master Bedroom can have a button dedicated to turning on/off all of your room's lighting, another button can dim the lighting to a preset scene for a romantic mood, a third button can light a pathway to your Kitchen, and the fourth button can turn off all of the lights in your house!

Home Audio Specialist also designs and integrates motorized shades and drapery systems, giving you control of both natural and electric lighting within your home.

Experience lower energy costs as lights can be easily dimmed or automatically turned off if natural lighting reaches a predefined threshold. Your lighting fixtures will last longer, too, lessening the load of dangerous chemicals in our landfills. Lighting systems seamlessly integrate with popular home automation systems by Crestron, AMX, and Control 4. This further increases convenience and eliminates wall clutter. Once you experience the power and convenience of a lighting control system, you will wonder how you lived without it.

Camera Systems

Your most valuable possession is your family. Add peace of mind with a surveillance camera system that can record days of activity. Modern CCTV camera technology allows viewing in pitch black conditions, and covert cameras allow you to keep an eye on house staff or the nanny.

Camera video can be routed through your televisions, the Internet, or if using a home automation system, camera video can automatically appear on touchscreens in response to an event such as someone approaching your front door or gate. Peace of mind and security are priceless in modern society.

Home Automation

Imagine easy control of your home theater / media room, iPod, house lighting, security system, climate, motorized shades & drapery, surveillance cameras, and your pool/spa with your new home automation system. This “smart home” technology is also referred to as systems integration. It allows access and control of all your home's subsystems with simplicity that can be compared to using a bank's is so easy anyone can use it. Intuitive touchscreen icons allow total control of your home with no instruction manual needed!. Home Audio Specialist is proud to represent the three leading companies in the home automation controls industry: Creston, AMX and Control 4.

Eliminate wall clutter and enhance your family's lifestyle and safety with the added convenience that a home control system allows. Imagine a single button press at night that 1 - turns off the house lights, 2 - arms your security system, 3 - turns off all audio/video systems. The built-in coordination between a home's subsystems helps you save energy automatically by turning off lights and electronics that are not in use. Please call us today to see how your home's daily use can be simplified and can lead to a 'greener' lifestyle.

A home automation system can be thought of as your own personal gives you a convenient and intuitive way to send commands to other popular home systems or lighting system, motorized shade / drapery systems, your iPod or AppleTV, XM or Sirius satellite radio tuner, etc..

Besides the various handheld, desktop, and in-wall touchscreens available from Crestron, AMX and Control 4, you can use your Apple iPod or iPad as a home automation touchscreen to control your home from both inside and while on the road.

Hidden Audio and Video

Your home has been carefully designed to your taste, and we highly doubt stacks of electronic boxes and exposed wiring was part of your and your Interior Designer's plan. For some, any visible electronics is unacceptable, especially in dual-purpose Media Rooms or rooms where you do not want in-wall or in-ceiling speaker grilles competing with your art collection.

Even in a dedicated custom Home Theater screening room, most people like the electronics hidden from view. New speaker technology from Sonance, Sound Advance, and Amina Technologies deliver a truly invisible speaker with exceptional sound quality. Motorized artwork frames by VisionArt and Media Decor and motorized TV lifts can reveal a hidden flat-panel TV. "Mirror televisions" by SEURA, NuVision, and Ad Notam can conceal televisions in Living Rooms and Bathrooms. Utilizing whole house music and distributed video systems technology further helps by relocating the electronic components out of the room and therefore out of your way.

The newest enhancement for further hiding and blending technology into your home is the new flush-mount kits from TRUFIG. The look of your lighting keypads,

electrical outlets, and even wall data ports (phone, TV, Internet connection, etc.) can now be flush-mounted with the surface of your wall and painted to match (even if your wall surfaces are wood or stone). With this flush-mounting system, formerly noticeable wall accessories virtually disappear into the wall surface. Please be sure to visit our Portfolio to see some completed installations.

Outdoor Audio and Video

Home Audio Specialist brings your favorite music, TV, and movies outdoors and makes it all easy to access and use. Outdoor audio video options include basic stereo systems to full outdoor theater systems.

Weather-resistant outdoor speakers have been available for years; however, newer loudspeaker technology gives you much more consistent sound coverage.

Home Audio Specialist often buries specially-made outdoor subwoofers into your landscaping; and multiple camouflaged speakers are hidden throughout the outdoor space providing very even sound coverage. This allows a lower overall volume level while filling your yard with sound over a much wider area than was previously possible. Your music system will easily be heard, but will be hard to find.

If you would like to enjoy your favorite TV programs and movies outdoors, special weatherized flat screen TV’s may be exposed to the weather elements and feature special screen coatings to minimize the glare of bright outdoor environments. For the ultimate in backyard entertaining, let the pros at Home Audio Specialist design and install an outdoor theater system, complete with large screen projection.

Home Audio Specialist has years of experience remotely locating most of the audio/video components indoors, yet offering seamless control of them from roaming handheld remote controls, or even home automation touchscreens cleverly concealed to protect them from the elements.

Telephone and Intercom Systems

An easy-to-use home telephone system does so much more than merely allow you to make phone calls. Today's advanced telephone systems double as an intercom, allowing direct paging to a particular room or to the entire house. Have convenient two-way communication with someone at your front door or gate and buzz them in from the phone keypad.

Set “do not disturb” times for certain incoming phone numbers, such as a home office line, so the phone does not audibly ring after hours (except in certain locations if desired). Limit your child's phone use by turning off their phones at preset times. Roam with confidence throughout your home using new cordless phone technology that mimics the way cell phones operate. Integrated voicemail will allow each family member to have their own private voicemail box. A Home Audio Specialist designed communications system is sure to make you and your family feel well-connected.

Prewire and Rewire

There are an enormous amount of details that go into properly designing audio video and home automation / smart home control systems in today's luxury homes. First, there is the low-voltage wiring infrastructure. Your home's wiring should not only be appropriate for your initial needs but also allow for future technologies. Once your walls are closed up, they should stay closed. A properly engineered wiring plan should be able to adapt to new technology many years after your initial move-in.

In the design phase we like to think how your system might evolve in the next 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, etc.

Contact us today to discover what we can do for you and invest in our quality installation services or call us at 610-241-541.

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