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The same dedication to quality, design and workmanship that we apply to your home can be carried through to your commercial office, conference room, retail or restaurant/bar. Consider an audio or video system to enhance the image of a store and create ambiance in a restaurant. Install LCD TV's to keep clients relaxed and occupied in a waiting room. Install a surveillance system or a conference room projection system with an in-ceiling drop down screen.

Whether it's background audio, conference room video, or closed circuit monitoring, we have the experience to create and install the system you need to improve your client/customer relationship. Take a look at our services below.

TV Mount

We offer commercial services. Whether you want a TV flush-mounted with the wall of your lobby, or a row of televisions secured along the ceiling in your commercial restaurant, bar or gym, we have the skills to provide you with the installation you need. Hidden outlets allow us to keep cables hidden and neatly out of sight. The installation is clean and the look is professional. We work with sheetrock, plaster, wood and even brick and cement backgrounds, and you can trust that your TV's will look great and be secure.

For more information or to request a free estimate please contact us or call us at 610-241-5410.

Camera Systems

Home Audio Specialist will design a closed circuit television (CCTV) system to match specific requirements. Whichever type of video security camera system is best suited, from a single camera to an integrated multi-camera solution, Home Audio Specialist strives for complete protection. As a result of its effectiveness, video surveillance is becoming a way of life. The use of a CCTV camera security system has increasingly spread to commercial/industrial areas and also homes. From the supermarket and restaurant to outside the home, camera systems are essential to ensure safety and intruder identification. 

Although having just a CCTV as a security solution may not in fact prevent a theft or intrusion, it can be a valuable loss prevention tool. Both commercial and residential users utilize CCTV to record the crime taking place and later to provide forensic evidence. It is a popular security solution that offers identification and information during or after an incident. A CCTV system is a great security solution to combat inventory losses and fraud, deter shoplifting and dishonest employees, and consequently protect your facility. 

The advanced technology of our CCTV digital video security cameras allows having an eye and an ear on business from home, or home from business. Using a monitor from anywhere at anytime, even your cell phone, it is possible to check on staff or observe baby-sitters and house keepers. Event driven images can also be delivered directly to you dynamically allowing a proactive approach to video surveillance.

A CCTV camera security system can also help to control the efficiency of a production line and the quality of customer service. With CCTV digital video security cameras it is possible to observe what is really going on in an organization. 

By doing so, inefficiency points in the organization's productivity can be worked out to improve business quality. CCTV systems also allow security personnel to monitor many areas and sites from a single location and, in case of an incident, quickly and efficiently resolve of the situation.

In addition to the security advantages a security camera system brings, with Home Audio Specialist you can rest assured that you are getting a professionally customized security solution with high quality products. We are proud to offer products recognized as standing for quality and reliability and cutting edge innovations for both businesses and homes.

Our customers’ needs are always our number one priority. Whether it is installing a new CCTV security solution or just upgrading an existing system, Home Audio Specialist delivers exceptional value. Contact us or call us at 610-241-5410 and let our experts assist in selecting the right camera system for your specific application.

Audio Visual

Corporate environments have varying audio visual needs, such as: board meetings, executive communications, video conferences, projector installations and conference room automation.

At Home Audio Specialist, we understand these requirements and can develop a custom audio visual solution to accommodate any business culture or architectural vision. Many image-based firms have started implementing automated audio visual solutions. Audio Visual Automation gives the user full control over not just the traditional projector and sound system, but also their lighting, climate and blinds at the click of a button.

Corporate conference room A/V automation is becoming the new 'it' technology in the corporate environment.

Each corporation environment is different and each have different audio visual needs. At Home Audio Specialist, we understand these needs and can help you achieve the perfect use of space, whether its a simply projector installation or incorporating digital signage to more complex situations like whole conference room automation.

Home Audio Specialist interfaces with many different types of businesses ranging from schools to retail. We have the ability to develop a custom audio visual solution for your requirements and needs. For more information or to request a free estimate please contact us or call us at 610-241-5410.

Intercom Systems

Control access to all entrances, interior offices, elevators, loading docks, parking garages and any prohibited areas outside, or within a building using a security intercom systems. Protect your staff by giving them the advantage to safely confirm the identity of visitors and vendors before granting access. Using an Intercom System with crisp audio and clear, up-close video images, employees can hear and see who is calling. Once a guest is recognized, someone can either authorize or deny admission into any particular location of the building. When regulating entrances, consider a user-friendly system that offers the security and convenience of keyless entry with embedded card reader door stations.

Offices are busy places where the majority of communication is internal. For a business, having security intercoms that allow direct communication to employees is ideal and sometimes necessary. With an Intercom system people have the ability to instantly contact staff throughout an entire facility with the touch of a button!

We offer a number of products which feature open handset or voice intercoms with paging and door release capabilities to complement existing telephone systems. Using an intercom to reach an individual where telephones aren't available is more efficient than a basic phone line. By providing products with clear room-to-room communication, exchanging information is safe, quick and convenient. Contact us or call us at 610-241-5410 for more information or the request a free estimate.

Lighting Control

Your workplace lighting could be impeding your business growth. In most office buildings, lighting accounts for 39% of annual electricity use. The figures climb higher in specialized settings such as healthcare facilities (43%) and hotels (55%). As energy costs rise, creating an energy-efficient workplace is top priority to every business. Manual controls, including wallstations and personal remotes let building occupants control their light, saving energy and reducing electricity demand. Studies also show that when employees are given personal light control they often prefer to dim the lights, increasing energy savings, and enhancing productivity. 

Occupancy sensors can automatically turn lights on when a space becomes occupied or vacancy sensors can dim or turn off lights when spaces are unoccupied. Reliable automated time clocks can provide a highly desirable scheduling feature that adjusts lights or shades at certain times of the day or in relation to sunrise and sunset. Daylight sensors automatically adjust electric lighting levels based on the amount of daylight in a space. When it comes to automated control of both daylight and electric light, Home Audio Specialist provides reliable solutions for any space contact us or call us at 610-241-5410 for a free estimate.

Voice & Data Services

We offer professional installation of Cat 3 (Voice), Cat 5e (Data or Voice), and Cat 6 (Data or Voice) PVC and Plenum cabling, racks, patch panels, phone blocks and other related items. We install the correct cabling support hardware and take pride in our cable grooming and management techniques. We pay close attention to make sure all cables are run using today's cabling industry standards. After installation, we test and label each cable for future identification.

Home Audio Specialist Can provide the Cabling Infrastructure design and installation needed when you move into a new building or adding cables to your existing work space.

Voice cabling is the wiring of a building which enables basic telecommunications and Data network systems including land-based phone lines, modems, computers, network printers and other network peripherals. These copper (cat5e or Cat6) carry data across certain distances and certain speeds depending on the cable.

Other Voice and Data cabling Services

-Cable Removal /Demo

-Server Room Clean Up

-Clean up your existing cabling

-Cable Certification and Identification

-Network Documentation and Map

-Latter Rack & Cable tray Systems

-Server Room Build Out

-Cable Management Services

For more information or to request a free estimate please contact us or call us at 610-241-5410.

All Business Served. Private and Public Sectors.

  • Office
  • Warehouses
  • New Buildings or Remodel
  • Retail Shops
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Bar/Restaurants
  • Gym/Spas

Contact us today to discover what we can do for you and invest in our quality installation services or call us at 610-241-541.